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Covering the revolutionary developments in EVA
Presented by Bennett Stewart, CEO of EVA Dimensions and EVA Pioneer

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Bennett Stewart literally wrote the book on EVA.

His 1991 classic, The Quest for Value, started the original EVA revolution.

By 1993, early EVA adopters like Coca-Cola had proven so succesful that Fortune magazine featured them on its September 22, 1993 cover with the title "EVA -- It's the Real Key to Creating Wealth."

Stewart and his team at Stern Stewart went on to help hundreds of companies worldwide to use EVA as the lynchpin of true value-based corporate management, often with stunning results.

And now, in his new firm, EVA Dimensions, founded in 2006, Stewart continues the tradition of innovation and thought leadership with "Best-Practice EVA" -- which is the title of his latest book, published in 2013 by John Wiley.

In it, Stewart shows how to transform EVA from a mere money measure of profit into a powerful and pentrating analysis engine that offers business managers a far better technique to understand and control the real levers of value creation.

By attending this course, you'll start with the EVA basics, but you will also develop an understanding of how to harness the full power of EVA with the latest generation of tools, and right from the master practitioner himself.

And, you can qualify as an acredited EVA Expert according to the standards set by EVA Dimensions -- the global EVA authority.


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All presentations are conductedon-line by Bennett Stewart Attendees are furnished with a PDF of the presentation slides Attendees who pass the on-line tests are awarded certification Recording the webinar is prohibited