A new set of EVA ratios makes the framework easier to use and value-based management more effective than ever before.
What Really Determines Total Shareholder Return
A new study proves that earning and increasing EVA - not earnings or EPS or ROI - is the real key to higher shareholder returns.
The new Corporate Performance Index of financial excellence confirms and explains TSR and challenges it when its wrong. Click here to view CPI scores and a wealth of EVA/MVA statistics.
EVA Helps Private Firms Drive Value
EVA helps propel performance, motivate managers and guide and integrate acquisitions.
What’s Wrong with RONA and ROI?
ROI is popular, but it is very misleading and very bad for corporate health. And now, a far better alternative exists.

EVA Dimensions provides software and training and support services that automate the best practices in EVA. We help corporate teams and consultants to measure, analyze, value, and improve corporate performance, and institutional investors to make better investing decisions – all with the power of EVA and the EVA Momentum ratio framework we’ve developed. EVA Dimensions also maintains a 12,000 company global file on EVA metrics as reference points for benchmarking performance, setting targets, spotlighting key trends, and assessing expectations.

- Bennett Stewart, Founder and CEO

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Equity Research

Financial Intelligence for Finding Alpha -- EVA Dimensions provides software analytical tools, proprietary data feeds, and equity research services that help investors make better investment decisions through application of the firm’s proprietary EVA framework.

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Corporate Management

Use our next generation EVA Momentum framework and software tools to measure, manage and maximize value.  Set accurate targets, generate actionable insights into performance and plans, measure acquisition value -- all with the push of a button.

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EVA Learning Center

Learn all about EVA, and why it is the best way to measure performance and maximize value. Learn about EVA Dimensions' powerful advance on EVA -- the new EVA Momentum ratio-based framework. Review rankings, research reports and product manuals.

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ISS Governance

ISS, the world’s leading provider of corporate governance and responsible investment (RI) solutions, has acquired the businesses of EVA Dimensions.

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For companies or corporate advisory firms

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