EVA tools to help you serve clients better

As EVA and the new EVA ratio framework based on EVA Momentum have gained in popular usage among corporate executives and investors, consulting professionals of all kinds are increasingly turning to EVA Dimensions for modeling tools and EVA benchmark data that can make them into more informed, value-savvy advisors to their clients, such as

  • A highly respected pay consultancy leveraged our tools to provide the board compensation committee of a client company with an opinion about the accuracy of the link between pay and performance.  The assignment led to a mandate for a broad-based investigation of appropriate financial metrics.  At another pay consultant, our tools were used to establish compensation performance goals for earnings growth and ROE by converting EVA targets into those more conventional measures.
  • A major IT vendor furnished its consultants and senior relationship representatives with custom tools from EVA Dimensions, enabling them to analyze, rank, chart and review the performance of their clients versus public peers through an EVA lens, and to simulate the impact on EVA and value arising from strategic adoption of the firm’s arsenal of IT solutions.
  • An investment banking house used PRVit reports and analysis to stimulate a dialogue with corporate access prospects, and used Value Express and the Financial Radar Screen to provide strategic financial advisory insights, including the valuation of potential acquisition candidates

If you are involved in pay, investor relations, financial or strategic advisory, or, if you are simply looking for a better way to engage senior decision makers in a conversation about value creation and your firm’s role in helping them to achieve that, EVA Dimensions can tailor a solution that meets your needs and gives you valuable points of differentiation relative to your competitors.

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