EVA Quantitative Research

We supply proprietary EVA metrics and factor data feeds to investors according to your specific requirements.  This allows investors to obtain either raw or pre-processed metrics for use as inputs in their own models and/or trading platforms.

Sample metrics we can include:

  • Profitability: EVA Margin (EVA/Sales), EVA Spread (EVA/Capital)
  • EVA Trend: EVA Momentum, Productivity Gains
  • Risk: Stock Price Volatility, EVA Margin Volatility
  • Valuation: MVA Margin (MVA/Sales), MVA Spread (MVA/Capital), Future Growth Reliance


Any of our raw data as well as processed, adjusted data can be made available to you.  Our quant team can customize a data feed according to your needs.

In addition to data feeds, the EVA Dimensions quantitative research team produces proprietary research on industries, macro/aggregate studies and other investable themes all founded in our expertise of economic profit.